Train Smart- Find your zones with VO2 fitness testing

If you are training for a cycling event or competition you are likely to be using a Heart rate monitor or power meter. A VO2 fitness test is the best way to establish your personal training zones and ensure that you are training effectively.

  • VO2 max test using gold standard Cosmed Fitmate
  • Establish your aerobic base point, anaerobic threshold and VO2max
  • No more guessing, real data to use in training
  • Establish accurate heart rate and power training zones
  • Learn about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase your fat burning capability
  • Get the most from your power or heart rate training device
  • Full test report specific to you and your goals with your training zones

Info on the fitness testing

  • Costs £120
  • Test takes 60mins, you are riding for approx 40mins
  • Slots available Tuesday to Saturday
  • Test on your bike on a Wahoo trainer or on a Cycleops spin bike
  • Wear cycling kit
  • Not necessary to go to maximum exhaustion
  • To book please call 0117 9272947 or book online