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BW Cycling May Sale

As advertised through our newsletter we will be having a May Sale starting on May 6th through till May 13th

We will have a selected range of bikes with up to 30% off from Eddy Merckx, Giant and Merida. There will also be 30% off stock Assos clothing and also some high wheels sets at 35% off from Enve and Reynolds

Due to high demand since sending out the original newsletter the Orro, Cervelo, Cipollini and Scott models in the sale have been sold/reserved.

Top ten cobbled sportive tips!

In three days  BW Cycling head to Belgium with 12 of our clients and 16,000 other cyclists to tackle the Tour of Flanders sportive. These events go hand in hand with the recent popularity of road cycling and offer the perfect long weekend for enthusiastic Brits. Head over on Friday and only miss one work day, ride the event on Saturday, few local beers Saturday night and then watch the professionals tackle the same route on Sunday before heading home.

The Tour of Flanders is by far the most popular of the early season events and characterised by its 18 cobbled climbs. These ‘Bergs’ vary in length and severity, the toughest being the Koppenberg and the Patenberg, with a rough cobbled surface and gradients hitting 22%!

These events require a little extra prep and technique to other sportives, so here are our my top ten cobbled sportive tips

Tires- Go for a slightly wider tire, a 25mm works well or 28mm is better if your bike has the clearance. Go for good quality tires with the best rubber compound, you can not beat Continental GP4000 or 4season in our experience

Pressure- Do not pump your tires up as hard as for smooth roads, so 90PSI for lighter riders and 100PSI for heavier riders, this will allow the tire to deform

Cleats- Make sure your pedal cleats are in good condition, you may have to walk the odd climb because of traffic so need to have some wear left in them

Bottle cages- You are going to need all the fluid you can and want to keep your bottles on your bikes. Make sure your bottles are secure as cages will be tested on the cobbles

Bolt check- As part of your pre race service do a full bolt check (ideally with a torque wrench) and check everything is tight. This includes the bottle cages!

Bar tape- Some riders fit a second wrap of bar tape to help with vibration, if you are going to try this then do it early and have time to try it. It is not comfortable for everyone, especially smaller hands.

Stay seated- On the climbs you are best off staying seated and keeping some weight on the saddle and therefore the rear wheel, especially if the cobbles are wet

Elbows down- On the climbs think about pulling your elbows down and back, this is a mountain bike technique and works well, pulling your upper body weight onto the front wheel to keep the bike balanced and switches the core muscles on to make you more stable.

Ride the edges- If traffic allows then look for the edge of the road to ride in, there is generally a sweet spot between the edge of the cobbled road and the curb/grass which is level and smoother.

Always take a hat and thin waterproof - The weather can change hugely during the ride, always take something you can wear under your helmet and a thin foldable jacket, to keep your core and head warm.


MTB demo days at BW Cycling

Following on from our successful 2016 demo day we have decided to offer two demo days this Spring. A true demo ride on a well set up bike is the only way to decide which dream bike works best for you and your riding style.

Yeti and Mondraker – Saturday 25th March

Santa Cruz and Ibis- Saturday 8th April

At BW we want you to have a proper go on the bikes so run a booking system.

Book a bike for either of the three slots 9.30am, 12am, 2.30pm and you then have two hours to ride from he shop or jump in the car and head off to your favorite local spot.

For full details of the bikes available and to book your demo please call 0117 927 2947


Cyclo Cross is not just about racing round muddy fields in circles!

Great to see so many of our customers at BW cycling using cyclo cross bikes as a safe, fun alternative to winter road rides. With wider, slightly treaded tires and better brakes they can tackle bike paths, bridleways and most importantly the network of great, traffic free lanes that were previously off limits in the winter months.

Only this morning I was out with a client for a two hour ride which mixed lanes, gravel paths in one large loop around South Bristol. We were able to ride the majority of the time side by side chatting with no issues from motorists. It was a cold day but the intensity is generally higher and speeds lower than on the road so we kept warmer.

I know that many riders will use mountain biking in the same way, but the benefits of the cyclo cross riding is that the training effort is more like road riding, so a good tempo throughout, whereas the mountain biking is very stop and start. The technical element is also less extreme, as a cyclo cross bike is very basic, so a muddy corner can be a test, a lot safer than the big rocks drops and roots of mountain bike trails.

All in all with a cyclo cross bike in your fleet, I am sure you will come out the winter fitter and faster


Our New XC recruit – Phil Pearce

We are pleased to announce that Pro Elite XC racer Phil Pearce will be racing for BW Cycling- Scott for the coming 2017 season.

Phil’s rise from Novice to Elite winner has been remarkable. His first race was only in 2013 and by 2015 he won the Elite National series title!
After a season riding for Specialized UK and traveling to several World Cups/International events, Phil is back to focus on the UK series and National Champs.

Phil be supported by Scott bikes, one of our main brands at BW cycling and will be ripping on their new team issue Spark, the same model that was ridden by Nino Schuter to Olympic Gold in Rio. He will also be training aboard the Scott Foil aero road bike, see the video below from when Phil picked up his new training toy!

To follow Phil through the year then he is on Instagrm @philpearcemtb. As you can see from below he is not your average endurance athlete, spending as much time down the pump track as he does on the turbo trainer!

Yeti Crazy at BW cycling

We get patches where one of our brands is getting it spot on and we do a few nice builds back to back. Right now Yeti is that brand and we have had three amazing bikes roll out in the last two weeks

The new 29 inch wheel bikes from Yeti and other manufactuers (new Santa Cruz Tallboy) have raised the bar in mid travel trail bikes and eat up rough, techncial terrain.

The Yeti uses their patented switch infinity system, which stiffens the travel under pedalling forces. For the rider this means less playing with lock outs and the best pedalling efficiency we have experienced

Most often we get the frame only from Yeti and then custom build the bike to the customers specifiction.

Highlights of the were this amazing SB5.5 Turq in silver with Enve wheels and an SB4.5 with XTR and the new Mavic Carbon XA Pro wheelset

If you are interested in a dream Yeti build then please pop into the shop or give us a call on 0117 927 2947. Check out the gallery below..


Cervelo and Assos evening

Thanks to all that came along to launch two of our new and exciting brands for 2017, Cervelo bikes and Assos clothing

Was great to get some truly amazing bikes including one of Cavendish’s S5 race bikes and the new P5X triathlon model

If you would like more info on the Cervelo range or Assos clothing please visit the store. We have a wide range of bikes and clothing and can help you choose your next dream machine or riding kit.

BW Cycling Summer Sale

We have a selection of in stock bikes available at great prices.

Details of the makes and models are as follows

Eddy Merckx
Salanches 64  105          Medium   Black      rrp £1800 now £1350
Milano            105           X-small   Silver      rrp £1800 now £1350
Salanches 64 105           Medium   Silver     rrp £1800 now £1350
Salanches 64 105           Large       Silver      rrp £1800 now £1350
Mourenx(2015)105       Medium   Black     rrp £2199 now £1539

Reacto 400                      Small/medium  Team    rrp £1000  now £750
Reacto 4000                   Medium/large Team      rrp £1700   now £1275
Ride 88                            small/medium                 rrp £525     now £393

Pyro Disc 105                  small       Black             rrp £1350   now £1012
Pyro Disc 105                  medium   Black            rrp £1350   now £1012

Propel advanced 1          medium                rrp £1599  now £1199
TCR advanced pro 1      medium/large      rrp £2599  now £1949
Liv avail advanced 3      small                      rrp £1149  now £862
Anthem X 29er               large                      rrp £1899  now £1424

The mother of all MTB demo days- Saturday 30th April

If you are interested in a new mountain bike this year and keen to try some of the best brands in the business then this is the day for you.

At BW we think we stock the best range of premium mountain bikes in the South West, including Santa Cruz, Yeti, Mondraker and Ibis and for our annual demo day we have arranged for them all to attend.

This gives you the opportunity to compare similar bikes from different brands back to back or to try the same brand but in different travel or wheel size.

At a BW demo day we like to give you chance to ride the bikes properly so you book out a particular bike for a 2hr slot. There are three slots throughout the day at 9.30am, 12am and 2.30pm.

If you are looking to compare two bikes, you can book two bikes for the same slot and ride one for an hour each or if you are keen book two slots one after the other.


The demo day is based at BW Cycling, we will set up the bikes here and then you are free to ride up into Leigh Woods or take the bike off in the car if you want to ride elsewhere, such as Belmont Woods and hit the big jumps. if you have not been to BW before we have loads of free parking

What do you need?

We require a passport or driving license to be left with us when you take the bike, we also take a £10 refundable deposit as an additional ID check. Do not forget your helmet!

What brands?

Santa Cruz- Will be bringing the whole range, including the recently updated Bronson and 5010. The new Hightower will also be available to ride as well as the Womens specific Juliana Roubion

Yeti- Come and try the switch infinity suspension system available on the SB6 SB5 and if 29er is your thing the SB4.5

Mondraker- With glowing reviews of the Forward geometry appearing thick and fast the Dune and Foxy models are hot bikes right now.

Ibis- Come and ride both the new models the 29er Ripley LS and the Mojo 3. Both running the tried and tested DW link suspension but in a bang up to date spec.

How to book?

Please call the shop on 0117 927 2947 and we can book you on your dream bike.











BW Ambassadors for 2016

Last year was a great year for our supported teams and athletes from Oli Morris competing for Great Britain in World Cup Downhills to James Philips from the Dream Cycling team winning the inaugural Bristol Grand Prix

The aim of our Ambassador program is to support local athletes with equipment but also with the other services we offer at BW including fitness testing, bike fit, physio and workshop to help them achieve their cycling/triathlon goals

For 2016 we have expanded the programme to one road team, the Dream Cycling Team and three individual athletes, Oli Morris in MTB Downhill, Brett Halliwell in Triathlon and Doug Hall doing Tri/Cyclo cross.

Dream Cycling Team- Road

BW have supported Dream for the last two seasons. The goal of the team is to be in the top 100 teams in the UK and top 3 in the Western Division, a goal that they in achieved in 2015.

The team look to win local road and circuit races from Elite to Second Category and also compete in various mountain bike events.

Once again BW Cycling have supplied the team with Scott road bikes. This year they will be riding the new Foil aero racing bike with Syncros wheels and Shimano Ultegra Groupsets.

The team also benefit from the fitness testing and bike fitting available at BW Cycling to ensure they are training effectively , preventing injury and racing at their best.

Brett Halliwell – Triathlon / Duathlon

Brett is our new Triathlon ambassador for the 2016 season. We first met Brett when he came for a bike fitting session and were impressed with his results but more importantly his attitude.

Coming from a running background where he was a sub 15min 5km athlete, Brett soon took to cycling and made the switch to Duathlon in 2014/15. He was up to speed quickly, qualifying for his age group at the Euro Champs and finishing 2nd

Brett then made the logical move to triathlon and again quickly found success, qualifying for his age group at the World Champs in Chicago and finished 15th

Brett’s main goal for 2016 is to podium at the World Tri Champs in his age group and simply ‘to finish on the podium at every event I enter’

To help his Achieve this BW have supplied Brett with a new Scott Plasma TT bike with Shimano Ultegra DI2 gearing, which gives him gear changing at both the brake levers and tucked in on the TT bars.

Brett will have access to the fitness testing, both cycling and running and also the bike fitting, to achieve the balance between aerodynamics and power production.

Olly Morris – Downhill Mountain Bike

On the dirt we are for the second season supporting Bristol downhill racer Olly. He had a great season in 2015 racing consistently in the top 20 elites at the UK national races and flying the BW flag internationally at four World Cup round.

For 2016 Olly is going for process goals focusing on commitment and fun. Placing less pressure on the exact position means more happy trips down the motorway home and the possibly the best way to race the ridiculously competitive UK Downhill races.

Olly is using Mondraker bikes for 2016, with the Summin model for DH and the Dune for enduro. These carbon beauties look the business and Olly has them custom spec-ed . Chatting with Olly it is interesting the process he goes through to set up the bikes and will cover that in a separate news story.

Olly uses almost all the facilities at BW Cycling, in particular the workshop. Downhill bikes are the most complicated bikes available and take a hammering so are constantly been worked on. Mark our workshop manager has experience on the World Cup scene with Trek World DH Team , so the right man to sort Olly out.

He also trains with Andy Wadsworth in our on-site Personal Training Gym MyLife PT, getting put through his paces weekly, working on functional strength.


Doug Hall- Triathlon/ Cyclo Cross

As well as been our shop manager Doug is also handy on two wheels, in fact handy on two feet and in the water to. Before starting at the shop Doug was a professional triathlete competing for GB in the Half Distance World Champs and doing a 9hr Ironman.

After successfully playing with Regional Cyclo Cross over the last two years, winning the Western series this season, Doug is going back to Triathlon and aiming for a sub 9 Ironman and an age group spot at the Kona World Champs.

For his Triathlon events this year Doug will use a Scott Foil road bike with Shimano Ultegra DI2 allowing for multiple shifters.

We may let Doug use some of the services at BW, but helping our customers achieve their goals takes priority so he may have to wait till after you have finished been testing, fitted , tuned before he can have a go himself

Good luck to all our ambassadors this year, if you see them at events give them a cheer or say hello.


Christmas/New year opening times

Tuesday 22nd; 10:30-18:00

Wednesday 23rd; 10:30-18:00

Thursday 24th->Friday 1st; CLOSED

Saturday 2nd; 07:00-18:00

Sunday/Monday; Closed as normal

Tuesday 5th; 10:30-18:00

and from then on as normal!

Cipollini custom build bikes

We are specialists in these beautiful Italian frames and can custom build them into your dream bike

There are seven different frame models available, all made in Italy and designed by arguably the best sprinter of all time Mario Cipollini

The Bond is the base level frameset and retails at £2300. We can supply these as frame only or custom build them to your specification and budget. Prices for a full build using Shimano 105 and Mavic wheels costs £2985, so great value.

For other build options please see the bike builder below or contact us on or call 0117 927 2947

We always have built bikes in stock and demo bikes are available from Cipollini UK

Cipollini Bike build options

Starting with the frame as the base we can then add the other components at a reduced price to build you your dream bike whilst offering unbeatable value.

The frame is available in eight colour options

Bond Frame Only                                       £2300

Bond Base Build                                          £2985

105 11 speed groupset, Mavic Aksium wheels, Deda 2 finishing kit and Prologo Kappa saddle

Groupset Options

with Ultegra group                                          + £190

With Ultegra DI2                                            + £610

With Dura-Ace                                                + £665

With Dura Ace DI2                                         + £1345

Wheel options

With Mavic Kysirium Elite wheels               + £280

With Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbone-               + £530

With Fast Forward F6C wheelset                 + £900

With Reynolds Assault/ strike Carbon         + £1100

Finishing Kit options

With Pro Vibe bar/stem                                   + £75

With ritchey WCS bar/stem                           + £80

With Prologo Nago evo saddle                       + £45


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Written Directions

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