As part of the 'complete cycling experience' we offer a wide range of services to make sure you get the most out of your bike – and your body

Bikes & accessories

All bikes in the store have been carefully hand-picked by Oli and Andy and they've all been tested in the toughest of conditions. There is a full range of men’s and women’s bikes available and whether you’re new to the sport or a professional cyclist you'll find the ideal bike for you.

There’s also a full range of clothing and accessories available, that have again all been tested and selected by Oli and Andy.

Bike detail

Bike fitting

Many people will go into a bike shop, pick a bike, buy it and leave. At BW we won’t let you do that. We want to make sure that the bike is perfectly fitted for you. This fitting process will help you ride in comfort, prevent injury and help you ride faster for longer. We want you to enjoy and get the most out of your bike.

We’ll assess what’s best for you through using some leading edge technology, scientific research and case studies plus biomechanical screening.

A bike fitting costs £80 and takes around 1.30 hours. To book your professional bike fitting please email us or call us on 0117 927 2947.

Bike fitting


We have a state of the art workshop where we will make sure your bike is fine tuned to give you the best ride possible. We’ve established a team of highly experienced professional mechanics who will service your bike – either while you wait in our coffee lounge or by pre-agreed time for you to collect. We open at 7am on Saturday so you can collect your serviced bike before your ride.

To book an appointment please email us or call 0117 927 2947.


Fitness testing

Fitness testing involves a VO2 Metabolic Assessment.

Getting a VO2 Metabolic assessment is all about getting the most from your training and reaching your goals. From beginner to elite, the results from the assessment will give you the information you need to train smart and get results.

The assessment measures power, heart rate, speed, metabolic rate and oxygen efficiency to enable you to set the correct training zones.

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To book an appointment please email us or call 0117 927 2947.

Fitness testing

Sports Clinic

By having our own in house sports injury clinic we are able to give our clients the best physical service possible, from getting the right bike fit to injury prevention and cure.

Our therapists have many years' experience dealing with cycling, triathlon and running injuries. They also undertake detailed  Musculoskeleteal Cycle Screenings to identify areas of

weakness or imbalance which could potentially lead to injury and impaired performance.

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Personal Training

BW Cycling Directors have a direct link with My Life Personal Training, the most established training centre in Bristol and the surrounding area. There they cater for all abilities of fitness from complete beginners to National and International athletes specializing in cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and core training.

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