Cyclo Cross is not just about racing round muddy fields in circles!

Great to see so many of our customers at BW cycling using cyclo cross bikes as a safe, fun alternative to winter road rides. With wider, slightly treaded tires and better brakes they can tackle bike paths, bridleways and most importantly the network of great, traffic free lanes that were previously off limits in the winter months.

Only this morning I was out with a client for a two hour ride which mixed lanes, gravel paths in one large loop around South Bristol. We were able to ride the majority of the time side by side chatting with no issues from motorists. It was a cold day but the intensity is generally higher and speeds lower than on the road so we kept warmer.

I know that many riders will use mountain biking in the same way, but the benefits of the cyclo cross riding is that the training effort is more like road riding, so a good tempo throughout, whereas the mountain biking is very stop and start. The technical element is also less extreme, as a cyclo cross bike is very basic, so a muddy corner can be a test, a lot safer than the big rocks drops and roots of mountain bike trails.

All in all with a cyclo cross bike in your fleet, I am sure you will come out the winter fitter and faster


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